Business Solutions
on the HyperLedger Fabric platform
We help businesses open up new opportunities using distributed ledger and smart contract technologies. We use Hyperledger Fabric, the most mature technology platform to build our systems. Unlike many other platforms, most of which only exist on paper, Fabric allows you to create truly working solutions for the corporate and public sector, taking into account existing technological and regulatory constraints.

Our most interesting and significant projects are given below. Each of these projects has given us an understanding of the peculiarities and limitations of the use of technology to solve business problems in various industries. Our experience and practical experience allow our customers to reduce the time to market and avoid inappropriate costs.

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Industry-specific settlement systems
Allows you to automate settlements with counterparties using distributed ledger and smart contract technologies
AFSC platform for PJSC «Gazpromneft»
KB Kontrakt is a contractor for the design and development of a "Aviation Fueling Smart Contract" settlement system for airlines and fuel operators. Detailed information about the platform can be found in the publication of "Siberian Oil" magazine (in russian).
Logistics management platforms
Minimize transaction costs in logistics.
Logistics platform for
We have developed a concept for the Russian segment of Tradelens (international maritime container logistics platform).
Supply chain management systems
Automation of supply chain management.
FSIS «Seed Management» for the Ministry of Agriculture
We have developed and implemented a federal information system for seed management.
Supply chain for agriculture products
We have implemented a number of systems to manage agricultural products supply chain for foreign customers.
Asset management
Automation of asset management for industry markets.
Intellectual Property management system
We designed and developed a prototype of the national intellectual property rights management network.
Technological products
for HyperLedger Fabric
GOST Cryptography module for Fabric
Allows to provide legal significance of operations for the Russian market. It is mandatory for use in projects involving or in the interests of state organizations.