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Each project has its own individual specifics, but we try to follow the next steps in cooperating with our clients and partners:
Within 1−2 weeks we agree on the main parameters of the project — goals, key requirements and limitations, terms and preliminary cost of works to conclude the contract.
We develop and endorse design and technical documentation; if necessary, we audit existing information systems and business processes. As a rule, this stage takes from 1 to 3 months, depending on the complexity of the subject area and the number of interested parties.
Pilot project
In 3−6 months we launch the first version of the solution in pilot mode and prepare a technical project for implementation of the target system.
Three to nine months. We improve the system in accordance with the requirements of the participants and prepare for the commissioning of a pilot or pilot operation in the integration with the participants' information systems.
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We would appreciate it if the following questions could be answered:- which industry are you talking about?- what problems do you intend to solve with the help of the technology?- how are the processes now automated? - what is the approximate level of automation of the participants in the processes - do they use accounting systems (if so, which ones?) and electronic document management (EDI)?- are there already partners and contractors to participate in the pilot project? - do you have your own development team for web services and information systems?- are there any predetermined limitations in terms of implementation timeframes? - have you already defined the contract procedure?
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