Design Bureau «Kontrakt»

Blockchain Solutions Development

We design and develop systems,
applications and smartcontracts
for Ethereum and Hyperledger.

What we do
creating products and IT systems
on top of blockchain technologies
We are here to elaborate on your ideas to turn them into reality.
As an option, we are ready to explore already developed techincal requirements or products to provide an independent evaluation.
Solution Design
We develop prototypes, technical requirements, conceptual designs.
We are ready to review your product's economics and help you to focus your systems design on key features and remove unnecessary.
Solution Development
We turn ideas into code.
We implement systems and integrate them with existing systems.
What technologies do you use?
We are specialized on development of solutions on top of the Hyperledger Fabric and, if needed, Ethereum. For example, to use the ERC20 tokens within a project ecosystem the development and integration of components for both platforms is needed.

In general, we use open technological stack - Linux, PostgreSQL, Node.js.
What is the Hyperledger Fabric?
The Hyperledger Fabric is the platform for building private blockchains to solve challenges in corporate and government sectors.

At the moment the Hyperledger Fabric is the only stable platform that can be reliably used to design and develop enterprise-ready blockchain solutions. The public networks - Bitcoin, Etheirum, etc. - do not provide required productivity and functionality as those are focused on other goals.

Potential competitiors of the Hyperledger Fabric in the private blockchain market remain on their early manifest stages or are still developing their first, mostly raw, versions inapplicable for the operation in enterprises in the closest perspective.

Be careful, the statement "Company A is launching the platform B that would solve all your business problems wi the speed of 100 000 transactions per second" in most cases mean that PR-director of the company A is not for nothing and that the sales department is started to gather the leads one-two years in advance. The development of platforms of such quality and level requires a longtime effort of professional and motivated team, not only the desire to "tear up the market".
And after all, why not Ethereum?
First of all it depends on the problem being solved.

Secondly, the cost of the Hyperledger Fabric ownership would be much lower than usage of popular public networks - you do not have to pay for usage of slow and expensive public infrastructure.

In third place, the Hyperledger allows to ensure the confidentiality of data where it is needed. The purpose of distributed ledger is to ensure the trust between parties. But it doesn't mean that sensitive data such as company account balance or conditions of agreement between parties should be disclosed to publics, including your competitors.

There are more less significant arguments but, as in any other projects, in the beginning the project goals and objectives should be defined and only after that the right tools to solve them should be chosen. We are here to help you and give a free consultation on choosing the right solution for you business and further solution application.
Who develops the Hyperledger Fabric?
The Hyperledger Fabric is developed by the large team as the Linux Foundation project that means the absence of the vendor lock-in and possibility to use the tools and solutions built by the vast community.

The Hyperledger consortium unites more than 150 leading technological and financial companies.
Our projects
We develop solutions for
the corporate and government sectors.
The national network of intellectual
property assets and rights management
The blockchain platform based on the Hyperledger Fabric with support of the Russian cryptography.
The platform of food products quality monitoring and control based on the HACCP principles.
Our team
We made together.
Now we are together working on the blockchain projects.
It is likely that tomorrow we will work to create your product.
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Mikhail Chekanov
Managing Partner
Envisions the products, advises the solutions.
Has the expertise in technologies and marketing. 16 years experience as a developer and manager.
Stanislav Sorokin
Chief Solution Designer
More than 13 years of experience as a solution architect and lead developer. Works with blockchain technolgoies since 2013.
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